Dave Chappelle discusses rejecting Comedy Central’s $50 million contract on David Letterman. (x)

So please ask yourself: What would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it.
Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (via larmoyante)

My goal is to be more active. I want to put my dreams into action. I want to physically start creating the abstract. I think that action may have always been my issue. I always thought about change. I thought about being a better person but never acted on it. It’s time to just do it really.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do. -Johann Von Goethe

Nathan Yoder

This decision I most recently made has put me in a uncomfortable place. I feel as though I either lost my self or I am in the process of losing myself. I’m going to just take it day by day till I understand.

Great things never came from comfort zones.


instead of counting sheep at night, count the number of times you can repeat “my life is dope and i do dope shit” before drifting into dreams full of kanye level self-confidence